Thursday, March 7, 2013

Never Quit

It has been amazing watching Chloe grow and get to new milestones. It has happened so fast though, I wish time would slow down just a little. I absolutely love watching her try so hard to do things though. When she wanted to crawl she would fall over and over but never stopped getting on her knees to try again. Now she falls or loses her balance while trying to walk but she tries harder. She is getting better day to day! I wish I had the same determination that she does. It makes me so happy when she is successful and to see how proud she gets. Can't wait to see how long (or not so long) it takes before she is walking and running all over the place.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sweet Moments

I've been watching a little boy, Asher, for several months now. He is 6 months old and today he was trying so hard to get Chloe's attention. Chloe ignored him for a while. He was pulling on her pj's and making lots of cute noises but she wouldn't look at him. I thought it was pretty hilarious so I grabbed my phone to take a few pictures. My timing was perfect though, because right as I went to take a picture Chloe decided to give Asher a hug and a kiss. 

They are so much fun and I love watching them interact together. They are so sweet together.

First Steps

Chloe is changing so fast. Everyday she is either doing something a little better than the day before or doing something new. On the 28th of February she took her first steps. She is getting braver now and is trying on her own (without me motivating her). She will be walking and running like a pro before we know it. I was just so glad Scott got to be home to see it.
Scott got hit in the mouth at work by a 2x4. It was leaning against a gate and when he went into the backyard it fell right into his front teeth. It bothered him for a few days and when he went to the dentist, discovered he needed a root canal. OUCH! He did great, but was on percocet all week for the pain and couldn't work (since his job is all driving). Anyways, it was nice to have him home and spend some more time with him. He loved being with Chloe and was so happy to see her take her first steps.

They have so much fun together. The other night I came out after showering only to find Scott and Chloe discovered that yogurt melts stick to her face pretty well.

 She also had fun trying on dada's shoes. They might have been a little big, but she will grow into them right?

She is at such a fun age. It is crazy to think that she will be one in a few weeks. Since she was little we always knew Chloe had a bit of a temper. She had a way of letting you know what she wanted, and making sure you knew how upset she was if she didn't get it. Well, that quality has only gotten stronger as she gets older. She loves to eat. Scott and I can't eat without her screaming at us to share with her. Even with this temper of hers though, I love her to pieces. And lets face it, there isn't a cuter girl alive (not in my book anyway).