Monday, October 13, 2014

Reagan's Blessing

On Sunday, little miss Reagan Renee received her baby blessing from her daddy. Scott gave her the most sweet and tender blessing. It was a special day and we were surrounded by lots of family. Reagan looked beautiful in her dress (the same one Chloe wore for her blessing). We were able to snap some pictures of the wonderful day, including our first picture of us as a family of 4, which I have impatiently been waiting to get.

Zoo day!

For Grammy's birthday we went to Apple Ridge for breakfast before heading to the zoo. The weather was perfect.

It was a fun day and we were all worn out by the time we headed home!


At the end of September, we flew to Texas for Scott's cousin's wedding. Chloe was talking for weeks about how excited she was to ride in an "aron-plane". We went with Scott's parents, Roy and Allison, his brother Tyler and his wife Mackenzie, and their little girl Eden. It was Chloe and Reagan's first time on a plane and they both did amazing. I was so surprised at how smooth the flight went with them both. They whole flight there Reagan slept and didn't make a peep, and Chloe watched Mickey Mouse, colored, and loved looking out the window. She did great and only got a little fussy as we were landing because her ears hurt from the change of pressure. We were able to see Scott's grandparents, who Chloe and Reagan got to meet for the first time, his aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as a bunch of my Allison's aunts.

Before the wedding Friday evening, we decided to go to a farm. 

We got to feed the pigs, but Chloe was terrified of them. She preferred to see all of the animals from far away instead of up close and personal.

Chloe l ovedriding the tractor and feeding the chickens. They were on the other side of the fence, and all she had to do was throw the food through it to them instead of being so close to them.

Her favorite part was probably practicing roping cows. She loved it and it was so fun to watch her. She could have done it all day.

There was also a cute, old school house.

That evening we went to the wedding. Elyse looked beautiful.

Chloe loved watching the bride, or as she called her "the princess", dance. And she enjoyed joining in on the dance floor as well.

It was a fun trip but went way too fast.

Before we left Scott made sure to get Chloe a cowgirl hat. 

The flight back home went even more smoothly than on the way there. Scott and Chloe were able to get in a nap, and Reagan slept the entire way.