Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to Neverland!

After months of coming up with different theme ideas, color pallets, and furniture, I am excited to say our little girls nursery is complete! We came up with the theme for Neverland because we figured it would be good no matter the gender. We picked out colors (bright green for the walls, and blue for the ceiling) and got to work painting just a few days before we had the 20 week ultrasound telling us it was a girl. Let me tell you, neither Scott or I are the best painters. We had many frustrations. There were spots that needed going over multiple times, we got paint on the carpets, and painting where the wall meets the ceiling was a nightmare. After we found out it was a girl, we started looking at furniture. We were able to find something we both loved. Scott, being my Mr. Handyman, worked hard putting it all together and setting it up while i cleaned. Then of course, we had to add pink since it is going to be a girls room. And what fun is it having a girl if you don't have a little pink. Thats where the bedding and curtains came in. We have enjoyed spending the time together putting together Chloe's nursery. No matter what problems occurred, disagreements we had, or frustrations crossed our path, it has been so great being able to make these memories and prepare for our precious girl. We are so anxious for her to get here. Anyways, now that the room is done, and we finally took pictures, we decided it was time to share.

We loved this painting of them flying to Neverland. It was hard to find
but we got it offline and decided it really completed the room.
And of course, we couldn't have a Neverland room for our girl
without Tinkerbell. We made Tinkerbell's home and hung it from
the ceiling in the corner of the room. 
We love love love this quote and thought it would be a cute way to
take up some wall space instead of leaving it bare.

We cannot wait for her to come, especially now that we have her room all set up and ready for her. I have a feeling that these next 7 weeks are not going to go fast enough. 


  1. I knew your sweet little girl would be blessed to have you and Scott as her parents, but holy cow! Her room is so perfect! She will fit perfectly in there (even if she doesn't really act like she cares)!

  2. What an enchanted room! She is going to love it! It turned out amazing! Love you guys!