Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cousin in Colorado

My 10 year old cousin, Katie, came to Colorado for vacation. She spent the past two and a half weeks here. She came out all by herself. How brave of her. It it were me, I would be terrified to travel by myself, especially since the last time we saw her was years ago when she was super little.
It was so much fun to spend time with her. She absolutely loved Chloe and it was clear Chloe liked her too. Anytime Katie held her, she was calm and so happy. If Katie walked in the room, Chloe would just watch her. It was so sweet. 
Katie tried to convince us that she could do the Saltine Cracker challenge and eat 10 in one minute.  
We decided to test her!
It was so sad to sad bye to her on Monday! She left yesterday morning to head back to Pennsylvania. Hopefully we get to see her again soon along with the rest of her family who we miss so much!

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