Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I want for Christmas is...


Chloe finally has both her bottom front teeth coming in. I can't decide if I am excited about it or not. Although I know it is so good because it shows she is growing at a good pace, I am so not enjoying the bitting. She was chewing on Scott's finger the other night, and his nail has teeth marks in it. 
I really am excited about it. I love seeing the little ways she changes every single day. It is just so sad to see her in pain as they break through her gums. And to make it even worse, the second bottom one came at the same time she had a stomach bug. She was feeling so miserable.
Over this Thanksgiving break, we had a stomach bug pass throughout a lot of our family. Chloe got sick on Thanksgiving - throwing up, diarrhea, fever. They over the weekend, Scott and I got sick too. 
Thank goodness we are all finally feeling a little normal again and are able to get back to our regular schedule. 

We got our Christmas decorations up and have been listening to Christmas music. Chloe LOVES the lights. As we strung the lights on our tree she kept trying to crawl (or launch herself) to the lights and played with them. I had to keep pulling them away and keeping them out of her mouth. Once we were done, we had an extra strand of lights and decided to take some pictures.


  1. Those pictures are precious!!! I LOVE baby Christmas light pictures. And it definitely helps that she's adorable!!

  2. Oh my gosh, dying. Seriously baby Christmas light pictures are the sweetest. Good call :) I can't wait to see you guys over break! Love you!