Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Full Term!

A few days ago I made it to 37 Weeks - Full Term! 
It is such a relief to have made it this far and to know baby girl should be strong and healthy when she decides to come.  

According to, she is about 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches long. 

The night before I made it to 37 weeks I had another episode of contractions. I tired to wait before calling the doctor because I dreaded the idea of another false alarm and being sent home. After timing them for 3 hours, they were anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes apart, lasting about 40 seconds each. They were a little painful but for the most part just uncomfortable. I decided I needed to listen to my doctor and call them to see what to do since we had no idea if they were causing me to dilate or not. The last thing I wanted was to wait too long and not make it to the hospital in time. Scott would be scared out of his mind if that happened (as would I). After being monitored, the doctor on call came in and talked to me. She was very kind but decided that since I was still not full term (keep in mind that I was considered full term in about 2 or 3 hours from then) that she needed to give me another shot to stop the contractions. It was frustrating but I also want to do whatever it takes to make sure Reagan doesn't come too soon. We were monitored a little longer, I was still having contractions but not close enough together and they weren't changing anything so I was sent home.

Now that I am full term, the terms for me to call the doctor and go into the hospital have changed. Thankfully this should mean no more false alarms and the next trip to L&D will be when Reagan is born. My doctor did say that my body might just go through this with every pregnancy as a way for my body to prepare for the baby to come. The unfortunate thing about that is that even if I am expecting it, I would never be sure if the contractions are just preparing me, or if they are changing my cervix and if I am dilating at all. Because of that I might have to deal with more false trips to the hospital in future pregnancies (I am hoping this isn't the case).

At my appointment two days later, all was looking good. My doctor came in and talked to me and decided to set up a day to be induced in case she didn't come sooner. I was all for this. After so many trips back and forth to the hospital and getting so anxious to meet her, it is nice to have a plan in place. Since I am measuring a week ahead of my due date (which isn't abnormal at all) he decided to schedule for me to go in and be induced on Monday the 18th at 6am. This is 4 days before my due date. We set it up and I called Scott on the way home to tell him. Scott has been so stressed about when I go into labor if he is at work. He drives all over the state and it could take him hours after receiving the news to make it to the hospital. The last thing either of us wants is for him to miss it. He was so excited to have a better idea of what to expect as well. 

Since that appointment it has started to sink in a little more that in less than two weeks we will be a family of 4! I love Scott and Chloe so much and have really tried to enjoy my time with them, especially since things are about to change for us. I adore Scott and Chloe's relationship and am excited to see their relationships with Reagan as well.

As I am writing this I feel the need to express how much I love my family. I am so happy and grateful for the choice Scott and I made a little over three years ago to get married and sealed in the LDS Temple here in Denver. I am so grateful for my knowledge that families can be together forever and for the opportunity that I have to be with mine now and through eternity. They are the biggest blessing in my life and I really do feel so lucky to have them. 

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  1. I am so excited for you! I can't wait for little Reagan to be born! She is a lucky girl being born into your sweet family!