Monday, November 10, 2014


Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the fall color and weather. We were able to go to a small pumpkin patch with MacKenzie and Eden. They loved it and between Kenzie and me, we got lots of cute pictures. 

Chloe is always excited to go see "my Kenz" and her cousin Eden! She is always asking to go to Grammy's house and see them all. I have loved watching Chloe and Eden learn how to play together and become such good friends. Chloe is always telling Eden to say "what-oh!" and Eden loves calling out "Chloe!"

(this is Reagan at her 2 month appointment)

We got to celebrate Scotty's birthday!

I was dying to get a few cute pictures of my girls in the leafs before the wet weather came. I was lucky enough to be able to get a few that turned out good. 

MacKenzie got a huge pumpkin from her dad this year. She invited us over and together her and Scott carved it. They were pretty creative and it turned out great. 

I was so excited for Halloween this year and to take Chloe trick-or-treating. This was going to be her first year going house to house instead of just to the grandparents houses. Our ward for church always does a little Halloween party every year. Scott loves to get as involved as possible since Halloween is one of his favorite holidays. I tell him that we can all dress up but that he has to be the one to figure it all out. This year he decided to have us all dress in a Mary Poppins theme. I was Mary, Scott was Bert, and the girls were both penguins. 

The night after the ward party was Halloween and we took Chloe trick-or-treating with Eden, Kenz, and Tyler.

They had a blast and got way more candy than necessary. I guess that is all part of the "fun".

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