Monday, August 20, 2012

Visit from the Jones'

This past week we were lucky to have Charlie, Cooper, and Berkley visit on their way to Idaho. It was crazy to see how much Cooper and Berkley changed. They are getting so big but they are such sweeties. 

While they were here, we went to Airplane park.

We had tons of fun with lots of family... MacKenzie, Charlie, Cooper, Berkley, Amy, Kiesen, Sean, Kadin, Lucky, Joey, Jessah, Parks, Carly, and Ms. Chloe and myself. It was a fun packed afternoon with lots of stories and catching up. 

Berkley was so cute with Chloe. It seemed she was always by Chloe's side. Berkley would share her toys with her, try to help me while changing her diapers, and would cheer her up if she was crying. It was just too sweet. 

You can tell that they love their cousins. It was so sad seeing Cooper and Joey say goodbye at the end of their trip. They became the best of buds. I sure can't wait to see their family again. Miss them already!

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