Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the GO!

Chloe has been trying to crawl so much lately, but she has only been able to move a step or two before falling on her belly. Well, on Tuesday afternoon she took off across the room for the first time. She hasn't stopped moving since. She is constantly in our Christmas tree and playing in the presents. She wants to play with the other little boy I watch, but he is not quite 4 months old yet and she gets a little to rough (swinging her hands and grabbing him). So, it has definitely been a game of chase and I am sure it will only get harder before it gets easier. She is a blast though so I guess it is worth it. 

Just a little update: as you may have heard me mention before, she was born with a "gill". Basically when babies are developing, they have little "gills" that help form body parts and then they seal up before birth. With Chloe, one of hers on her neck didn't seal up. When this happens it is very common for the "gill" to get infected because there is a small airway. Chloe has been lucky and hasn't had an infection, however, tomorrow she will be getting a CAT Scan to see how deep it goes and if it will cause damage. Then we will find out if she needs to have it surgically removed or not. Most likely, because there is always a chance of infection, she will need to have it removed. I know she will do great with it, but it makes me a little sad because I know in order for her to get the CAT Scan, she has to be under an anesthetic. I know she will be fine though.  

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  1. Aw I can't believe you have a crawling baby! Our friends' baby just learned how to sit up over Thanksgiving break, and he suddenly seemed so much more grown up! I'm sure you feel the same about Chloe :) Good luck with the doctor visit! We'll pray for her!