Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CAT Scan, Christmas, and Bubble Baths

On December 21st Chloe had her CAT Scan. She did great, especially for not eating for over 12 hours. We got to the Children's Hospital and got her checked it. She was it such a good mood, happy as could be. 
They called us back and explained to us how it would work. We checked all her vitals and then got her changed into a little hospital gown. Still as happy as ever.
Then they took her back to give her the anesthesia. It took about 20 minutes and once we got back to see her she was already waking up, which was the saddest part. She was so out of it,  she was crying and didn't have the strength to hold up her head. 
We got the results back and found out she does need to get the bump on her neck removed (we suspected they would have to), however, they want to wait until she is at least a year old unless any problems arise before then. We will go back in when she is about 11 months old and figure out a game plan for the surgery. 

For Christmas we spent time at both Scott's and my parents house. Chloe was hilarious. She only wanted to play with the ribbons and could care less about her presents. 
I forgot to read her the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, so instead I read it to her on Christmas Day. It was a tradition my mom always had with us growing up and one I was to have with my children as well. 

The following days, Chloe found the joy of playing with boxes. She would push it around, crawl inside, and pull herself on top (all on her own).

She got lots of bath toys for Christmas, because bath time is probably one of her favorites. It is so much fun to see her splash and enjoy the water. We decided to try a bubble bath for the first time last night and it was definitely a good idea. She loved it. 

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