Monday, February 4, 2013

Grandpa is off to Scotland!

On Saturday we went to visit my parents. My dad left for Scotland Sunday morning for work and will be gone for a while. He will most likely be traveling back and forth between Colorado and Scotland throughout the year. We wanted to spend time with him before he had to leave. It was beautiful outside (especially for February), so we made sure to spend time soaking up the sun. 

Grandpa likes to spoil Chloe just a little, and gave her a few cookies, which she loved. 

Recently, Scott and I have been teaching Chloe how to share. We ask her to share, and without hesitation she hands over what ever we have (Lets see how long that one lasts haha). Of course, we share with her too. Well, she decided to share her cookies with my parents dog, Riley. 

Also, look who is standing up on her own now. She is doing so well. She will stand up for a good 30 seconds on her own. She might be walking before too long. Uh-oh, not sure I am ready for that!

We had a good time and will miss Grandpa a lot! I'm sure we will see him in a little while though! We love you Grandpa, be safe in Scotland!

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