Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick Baby

About two weeks ago Chloe woke up from a nap with a fever of 102. We took her to the doctor the next day who thought she either had RSV or the flu. We kept an eye on her and tried giving her tamaflu, which just made her nauseous and throw up. That night we kept an eye on her temperature. She was so miserable. We checked her temperature around 12:30am and it had reached 104. We went to the ER and discovered it was indeed RSV.

This worried me since all I heard about RSV was that it hospitalized babies, turned into bronchiolitis and pneumonia, and in rare cases babies died from it. Turns out we caught it pretty quick, and since she is a typically healthy baby it didn't get that bad. Her oxygen was good enough that they let us leave. It took a few days before she felt better, but I was just so glad it didn't end up being as serious as it could have been. Once she was doing better, a rash broke out over her entire body and she was scratching like crazy. We went back into the doctor who said it looked like hives and it was most likely an allergy. We hadn't been giving her any medicine at that point though and hadn't given her any new food. No changes in our lotions or anything either. It went away and I'm guessing we will never know exactly what that was. Oh well, as long as she is happy and healthy now.

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