Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Month of Change

This past month there has been a lot of adjusting for us and lots of change. Nobody could have helped us to understand just how much it takes to have a baby. People have talked about the lack of sleep, the amount of love you feel, and how quickly they change, but even with hearing this before, I could not fully understand or appreciate any of this until now.
The most difficult part, according to me, is staying positive at night and learning to function on a very small amount of sleep. Finally, Chloe is starting to get her days and nights figured out though and it is bit by bit getting easier. Either that or I am just getting use to everything. She is able to fall asleep at night much easier between feedings though and will sleep (for the most part) for at least one span of 3 to 5 hours a night. Some nights are better than others, but she is getting there.
The part that makes all the hard nights and hours of calming her fussing and crying worth while is the amount of love I feel for her. I didn't know it was possible to love like this. It is different from anything I have ever felt before. There are times when I just hold her and stare at her and get such an overwhelming feeling of love and joy. She is just so sweet and impossible not to love.

Here are pictures of Chloe from her first month here!
It is crazy to see how much she has changed already. As much as I know it is a good thing for her to grow and change, it almost breaks my heart at times. I just want her to stay little forever!

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