Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kadin's Birthday

We celebrated Kadin's Birthday yesterday! DOUBLE DIGITS! Kadin is 10! So exciting. We love this boy so much, he is so crazy and fun, and such a sweetheart!
We had cake and ice cream. Amy made him an Oreo cake, with a cream and Oreo filling and a chocolate fudge on top. It was so good!
 Kadin got some fun gifts. Clothes, new shoes, and a ripstick from Grammy and Papa, and a spiderman web/water shooter from Scott and I. Not to mention the fun gifts from his family the day before - the one he was showing off to us was his BB Pellet gun! 
 He got the hang of riding his ripstick pretty quickly. He was doing great and having a blast!
What a great birthday celebration. We love you Kadin! 

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