Monday, April 15, 2013

Smartie Pants

For about the past week, Chloe has brought me books whenever she wants me to read to her. If I am sitting on the ground she will crawl into my lap after handing it to me, or if I am on the couch or standing up, she will come and bump the book on my leg until I grab it. Then she will yell at me to pick her up to read it. She absolutely loves books, it makes me so happy. I just hope it sticks.
She has also been bringing me her bib that I keep in her diaper bag if she gets hungry before I planned to feed her, and will bring her changing pad (also in her diaper bag) if she needs to be changed and I haven't caught it yet.
I might take that as a sign to potty train except for the fact that she would fall into the toilet, and she thinks the water in it is to play in. She is still just a little to young for that.

What in the world? She isn't even one yet. Is she supposed to be doing this?
I'm not complaining though, I think it is great. She is learning and doing so good. I love seeing new things start to "click" and her understanding.

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