Thursday, April 25, 2013


Chloe has had a bump on her neck since birth. We asked the doctor about it, set up a CAT Scan, and yesterday she had it surgically removed. They thought it was a bronchial cleft remnant (which is kind of like a cyst), but realized during the procedure it was cartilage from her ear. When babies are developing, their ears start under their chin and slowly moves up into the proper position. Part of hers got left behind causing a lump in her neck and it was getting infected. It also went deeper into her neck than they had previously thought. Luckily for us, there wasn't any pus or drainage so she got to come home that day with us. We were told beforehand that we would be staying the night. We were so glad to hear that we would be aloud to go home instead.

The surgery was scheduled for 9am, we had to check in at 7am. We woke up at 5 and left early to go to Apple Ridge for some breakfast, thinking Chloe would nap the whole time. We were wrong. She was wide awake. We gave her a little ice (since she could have water until 6am) while we ate, then we headed to Children's Hospital. We got checked in and were sent back right away for PreOp. She was in a great mood; poor girl had no idea what was coming. She was walking all over exploring, playing with toys, and loved sitting in the rocking chair. After being wide awake for several hours, Chloe finally got tired enough to take a quick nap. After checking her vitals, a quick physical to make sure she was healthy enough to go back, marking her neck, and visiting with the doctors, surgeon, and anesthesiologists we were able to go back. Around 9:30 we went back with her and were able to be there while she was put under. Scott held her as she breathed in the laughing gas. She did great. Then we waiting in the waiting room until she was done. We went back before she woke up, but they had already taking the breathing tube out. After waking up it took her a while to calm down, but once she did she downed a sippy full of water and had some apple juice too. She was really thirsty. She fell back asleep for a while. We had a doctor come double check her neck and we were released shortly after.

Where they marked her neck to make sure they performed surgery in the right spot.

No idea what is about to happen. 

Before she woke up after surgery.

Her neck afterwords. :(

About to go home. Scotty got her a little sock monkey for doing so great. She loved it and has been snuggling it, giving it hugs and kisses, and playing with it since. 

I am so glad to have this behind us. It will take her a few days to fully recover but she is doing great. She is taking medicine for pain along with an antibiotic. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. She is doing great but has been really tired, which is understandable. Otherwise she is eating well and is so happy. She doesn't seem to be in too much pain. Thank goodness. 

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