Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 Week Prenatal Appointment

Scott and I went to our first prenatal appointment today for baby #2. We expected that we were just over 8 weeks along in this pregnancy, however, our doctor informed us that we were over 9 weeks (it is so much nicer to hear them move your due date ahead instead of pushing it back). Instead of being due August 29th, baby #2 is expected to arrive around August 22nd.


First trimester - 9 weeks and 4 days along

Baby is about the size of a grape.  

I know some people might argue or say I am imagining things, however every now and then, if I am focusing on it, I do feel little baby movements. I am positive it is not gas or anything else. It has definitely been a huge surprise since I never expected to feel anything this early in the pregnancy. I think part of it is because I know what it feels like so I am noticing it sooner. I can't feel the baby all day, and am not counting kicks or worried if I don't feel anything, but it is definitely a blessing to be able to feel a little bit already.


Symptoms - cramping in my abdomen, sore/achy muscles, tenderness, I definitely run to the bathroom a little more often including several times at night, fatigue (most days I don't get a nap in and no matter how exhausted I am at night I can't seem to get much sleep at all), nausea (with Chloe I hardly had any problem with this, but this time I have been nauseous almost all day everyday and throw up nearly every morning for the past 3 or 4 weeks YIKES. Unfortunately because of this I am losing weight instead of gaining any but that should get better in the next few weeks.)

I am definitely showing earlier with this pregnancy. I had a small bump around 6 weeks along, though I am sure this is mostly only noticeable to me, and it has slowly been getting bigger since. When comparing my size I realized that at 8 weeks along I was the same size as I was at 13 weeks with Chloe. 

I am not in maternity clothes and probably wont be for a little while longer, although most days I have to keep my top button of my pants undone for comfort. 

More than anything I have been craving pancakes. Pancakes, crepes, and french toast have been calling my name. 

(9 weeks along here)

Chloe is absolutely convinced that she is having a "sissy" by the way! We will have to wait to find out about that! It is cute to see her get excited about the baby "girl" or "sissy" in her opinion even if she doesn't quite understand what it means yet!

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