Monday, February 10, 2014

12 Weeks Down!

Friday I hit the 12 week mark with baby #2. I also had a doctors appointment which I had to bring Chloe to. It was actually a sweet experience to have her there, especially since it was such a quick appointment. All they did is check my weight, the baby's heartbeat, and sent me to get some blood drawn. When they put the gel on my stomach before checking for the heartbeat, Chloe got so excited and yelled "Lotion!!!!" She loves lotion right now and is always asking for it. Then once they found the heartbeat I told her to listen and she would hear her brother or sister. She put her hand up to her ear and said "ahhhh listen!" It was a very sweet experience. I still have a hard time adjusting to the idea of Chloe being a big sister.

Baby is the size of a lime now and between 2 and 2.5 inches long - according to babycenter

I can still feel the baby move every now and then, but I cannot wait until I can feel them more often and  stronger

 I am still losing weight, but not enough for the doctor to be concerned. Hopefully the morning sickness will be easing up soon and I can start gaining some weight. The bump is still growing even though my weight isn't.

Cravings include: cereal, chips, and macaroni and cheese 

I'm not in maternity clothes, though I did get a few pants that are a size bigger than what I have been wearing. Mostly this is just for comfort.

Symptoms still include morning sickness, cramping, increasing trips to the bathroom, tenderness, and fatigue (I am sleeping a little better at night, but still feel exhausted all day. I am trying harder to start sneaking in a nap during the day.)

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