Monday, March 10, 2014

16 Weeks!

I had my 16 week appointment on Friday and was so happy because Scott was able to go with me. We aren't sure if he will be able to make the 20 week appointment when they do the ultrasound (we are still trying to figure out his schedule and see if we can make it work), so it was exciting that he was able to go to this one with me. I have finally started to gain a little weight and should continue to gain weight now instead of losing more. Baby's heartbeat sounded great, which is always good news.

According to babycenter, baby is the size of an avocado and is 4.5 inches long (head to bum) and 3.5 ounces.

I am feeling the baby move, though it is still not very consistent. I can't wait until I can feel him/her a little more frequently.

Cravings: cereal, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and strawberry ice cream

I cannot stand to eat much meat right now and the smell bothers me too. Most of the time when I make dinner by the time I finish I can't eat it and I have something small later.

The nausea and morning sickness haven't been everyday and I am hoping this means it is finally starting to go away. I still get it though and when I do it hits pretty hard. I am so ready to be done with that part. I am exhausted and have a hard time getting in any naps, just waiting for that second trimester boost of energy to kick in.

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