Saturday, April 5, 2014

Half Way There!

20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!

I am halfway through this pregnancy, which is crazy to me. Despite how much harder this pregnancy has been (between nausea that just wont go away, migraines, infections, and sharp,tight pains  in my abdomen) it still seems to have flown by so far. I am sure it is because I am busy taking care of a nearly 2 year old and couldn't tell you on a given day how far along I am down to the very day. The main reason I do know how far along I am is because I get updates on my phone every week.

According to, baby is the size of a banana.

I have been craving pizza, ice cream, and pancakes. Thankfully I think I am getting over my aversion to meat and can finally start eating the dinners I make for us.

I am still avoiding maternity clothes, but it is only a mater of time. I know I need to give in soon since my clothes are all starting to get uncomfortable or too tight.

My nausea was finally going away for a few weeks but has suddenly decided it is back pretty strong the last few days. I am not pleased by these bouts of morning sickness returning. 

I have been getting headaches daily, and most days they turn into migraines. 

A few weeks ago I started have tight sharp pains in my lower abdomen. It came in waves and would last several hours at a time. It reminds me of the preterm labor contractions I had with Chloe. With her I had to go to the hospital and was put on a medication that slowed down the contractions so I could make it all the way to my due date. The only difference this time is that these go away after a few hours, don't occur daily, and aren't causing any problems yet and it is too early in the pregnancy to take anything to prevent them. 

This little one is moving a ton too. It has been so much fun to feel that more often. It is one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. 

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. It was fun to see this one moving around and see all the different body parts. I love watching the heart beat and seeing their little hands, feet, and face features.

Look at that little button nose!

Baby feet are the cutest!

And of course at this ultrasound we were able tot find out the gender. Scott and I had fun preparing for this. We looked up old wives tales (even though I don't really believe any of them), and asked friends and family to make guesses. We tallied up their guesses along with ours before we found out.


Happy vs. Moody -------------------------------------------------- BOY
Clumsy vs. Graceful ----------------------------------------------- BOY
Sleep on Left side vs. Right side -------------------------------- GIRL
Feet are very cold vs. feet stay the same --------------------- GIRL
Frequent headaches vs. stay the same ------------------------ BOY
Clear skin vs. Stolen beauty ------------------------------------- GIRL
Heart rate under 140 vs. over 140 ----------------------------- GIRL
Craving salty/sour vs. sweet ------------------------------------ GIRL
Spouse loses weight/stays the same vs. gains weight ----- BOY
No morning sickness vs. Morning sickness ------------------ GIRL

Chinese Birth Chart ---------------------------------------------- BOY
Mayans method --------------------------------------------------- GIRL
Age plus month of conception --------------------------------- GIRL

Chloe has been saying she is going to have a "sissy" since day one. Scott and I on the other hand were thoroughly convinced we were having a boy. We had names picked out either way, and didn't have a preference at all (this time). 

We didn't think Scott would be able to make it to the ultrasound yesterday, so we came up with the idea to have them write down what the gender was and seal it in an envelope so we could find out together. Scott ended up making it there just a few minutes after they started. He decided that we should still have them seal it and that we should wait to find out until later that night! We had our parents over for dessert and the big reveal. Scott took the envelope to Party City and had them put it all together without him finding out. They blew up a black balloon and had confetti and another balloon which was either pink or blue. They also gave us silly string in the same color but the bottles didn't say what color they were. We popped the balloon and had our parents take a video and spray the silly string to find out. 


Looks like Chloe was right all along. We are so excited and can't wait for little Reagan Renee Jones to get here in August! 

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