Friday, January 10, 2014

Playing in the SNOW!

Last Friday night we started to get some good snow. It lasted through most of the day Saturday. We have been waiting to let Chloe play in the snow. It had been too cold, there wasn't enough snow, or we didn't have the time. She has had a snow suit waiting in the closet to be used, new snow boots she got for Christmas that needed to be worn, and gloves that haven't gotten any play time. We decided that after her nap, once Scott got home, we would head over to Grandma and Papa's and finally get the chance to play in the snow (or SOW as Chloe calls it). 
Let me just say she LOVED it! She wasn't bothered by the cold. I think the only thing she didn't like is how bundled up she was. When she fell down she couldn't get back up on her own because of all the layers. It reminded me a little bit of A Christmas Story and Ralphie's brother, Randy, being so bundled up that he could hardly move. 
Chloe ran around, eating snow, throwing it, and laughing like no tomorrow. She "helped" Grandma and Papa shovel the sidewalk, buried dad in it, and chased Riley (my parents dog) all over. 

I think Kelsey and Scott had just as much fun playing in the snow as Chloe did, if not more. 

After playing so hard Chloe slipped and scraped her nose on the driveway, so we called it quits for the day.

Kisses from Grandma makes the ouchies go away though, or at least makes them better.

I can't wait to bring her out again soon to play in it. For her first time she loved it. Chloe constantly yells "SOW" in so much excitement anytime we go outside, or if she looks out the windows. You can tell she had as much fun playing as I did watching her. 

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