Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall and Food

I just love that it is starting to cool down here. We had such a hot summer. I normally love the summer and the heat but it was a little too much this year. I have been anxious for fall. I love this time of year so much. I love the colors of fall. I love the facts that leafs change and the air is crisp and cool. I love the smell of fall... pumpkin pie and apple cider. And I love the clothes... sweaters, scarfs, boots! I am so glad it is finally here. I got to bundle up Chloe last night for the first time.

She is getting so big. I love it but it makes me sad at the same time. I look forward to all the different steps she will take in life and all the different stages to come, but I don't like the fact that to get to one stage she has to leave one behind. She is sitting up on her own so good right now. She gets so proud of herself too, it's pretty cute. We decided to start giving her solid foods once a day for now starting with cereal. Today was day one and it went really good. I had tried giving her a little cereal before but she wasn't quite ready yet. She would spit it out and wouldn't open her mouth at all. Today she was ready though. She loved it. She has always been so interested in watching everyone else eat or drink. She constantly reaches for the drink in my hand or the food on my plate, so I think she was happy to finally get some for herself. She was reaching for more before I could even get another spoonful ready.

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