Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

One thing I have loved since Scott and I got married is how much his entire family is always planning fun things, whether it's trips to the park, BBQ's, dinners, or fun holiday traditions, there is never a dull moment. His family is so BIG. I was laughing with a very nice lady today named Lauren (who was invited by a friend) because I asked who she knew and her answer was simple - the Jones'! It only took a second before we were both cracking up because that summed up just about everyone who was there. I love being part of his family. There is always something going on and so many good friends I have made because of it. 
Today we had a BBQ at Garrett and Stacey's home. There was pool volleyball, fun in the hot tub, good food, and great friends! I love watching all the kids playing and having a blast, but what I might love even more is how no matter what they are doing, Scott is right there playing with them too. I think he will always have a young heart, it's part of who he is. That is one thing I have always loved about him and I don't think it will ever change. 
Chloe had her first swim today. The pool water was a little too cold for her, so we went in the hot tub, which really wasn't hot, just warmer water than the pool. It was probably still even a little cooler than her baths normally are. She loves bath time though and she loved being in the water today as well. 
The hot tub seemed to be the popular spot for the kiddos as well...
we were even able to squeeze a few more in there later! 
I love this family so much! I could not have married into anything better! How can you not love them?

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