Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Carpet

The carpet we had was the same carpet that was originally installed when the complex was built. It was very light and showed stains easliy. The stains also weren't coming out very well. There were black marks on all the high traffic areas. It was also incredibly uncomfortable. You could feel the cement underneath. But it worked. We didn't complain. We just made due with what we had. 
My parents came to us one evening and asked if for Christmas they could redo all our carpeting and padding. Talk about generous. It was extremely kind and unnecessary, but very thoughtful and appreciated. 
Scott and I looked at different carpet ideas and finally set up a time to have some installed. The night before we spent moving as much furniture as possible and making sure nothing was on the floors. 

My parents and sister watched Chloe that day so she wouldn't get in the way. Plus she had way more fun and space to move than she would have if she stayed home with me while they installed it. The nails, staples, and tools on the floors wouldn't have been much fun to try and avoid. 
It took them about five and a half hours to complete. Then Scott and I moved the furniture back (other than the big stuff which they took care of). 


It is amazing how much new carpet can change the feel of our entire home. It is so much more comfortable as well as warm and homey feeling. We no longer feel the cement underneath. We are so happy with the way it turned out. Scott told me afterwords that after we tiled our bathroom, done some other small updates of our own, and finally my parents getting us new carpet, that our home is finally looking beautiful and they way we would want it to look. Of course there are still other things we hope to change over time, but it really has made a HUGE difference.

Thank you so much mom and dad. You did way more than we could have ever asked, and it is appreciate more than we can say, more than you know. Thank you! We love you!

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